Restoration Advisory Board

Restoration Advisory Boards, commonly called "RABs," are established in communities located near formerly used defense sites with environmental cleanup activities. RABs are local boards designed to provide a forum for effective two-way communication between the community and the Department of Defense (DoD) about work and plans at nearby cleanup sites. The RAB is solely advisory in nature. By definition, a RAB may only address issues associated with environmental restoration activities. The activities of the RAB can be found here.

Doug Simpleman, RAB Co-Chairman
US Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District

Dr. Kathy Quinn, RAB Co-Chairman
Email: cowiekq @

Troy Sanders, P.G., Project Geologist - Federal Facilities Program Manager
Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality

Kevin Boyce, Project Manager for Water Exploration on Belvoir Ranch, RAB Member
Wyoming Water Development Office

Gary Hickman, Director, Division of Environmental Health, RAB Member
Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department

Clint Bassett, Plant Manager
Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities

Jeremy Manley, Groundwater Management specialist, RAB Member
Wyoming State Engineer's Office Water Management Specialist

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