Restoration Advisory Board Information

Restoration Advisory Boards, commonly called RABs, are established in communities located near formerly used defense sites with environmental cleanup activities. RABs are local boards designed to provide a forum for effective two-way communication between the community and the Department of Defense (DoD) about work and plans at nearby cleanup sites. The RAB is solely advisory in nature. By definition, a RAB may only address issues associated with environmental restoration activities.

Ground water sampling

There are four conditions that can lead to a RAB: an installation is closed and the property is transferred to the community; 50 or more citizens petition the installation to form a RAB; local, state, federal, or tribal governments request the formation of a RAB; or the installation determines the need for a RAB.

RAB membership should be balanced and reflect the diverse interests of nearby communities. Members include local citizens and representative of the US Army Corps of Engineers representatives (USACE), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), state environmental regulatory agencies, and local government. RAB membership is voluntary and members receive no compensation. The two RAB co-chairs are Erin Stewart, a USACE representative, and Kevin Boyce, a community representative.

For further information about the formation, requirements, or operations of a RAB, see the Restoration Advisory Board Rule Handbook and the other documents listed below:

Individuals who wish to become a RAB member should call or send a letter of interest to one of the following:

Julie Godberson, Project Manager

US Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District
Tel: 402.995.2625

Julie Godberson, RAB Co-Chair

US Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District

Public Affairs Specialist

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District
Tel: (402) 995-2419 ext X-2418, Toll-Free: 888-835-5971

Kevin Boyce, RAB Community Co-Chair