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Geo mapping equipment being towed below a helicopter

Project to map groundwater aquifers will have you looking in the sky

OMAHA, Neb. – Residents of Laramie County, Wyoming will be looking to the sky over Belvoir Ranch, as a contracted helicopter will be making low-level flights in a couple weeks towing a large hexagonal frame. However, it is not an aerial lassoing competition. This unique equipment is part of a project to map groundwater aquifers […]

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Long-Empty Missile Bunker near Cheyenne, Wyoming

Pollution Saga Hits Crucial Juncture

Casper Star-TribuneJared Miller CHEYENNE – The rugged beauty of the rolling hills west of Cheyenne shows no evidence of the invisible poison beneath the grassy surface. But deep underground, and extending for miles, a massive plume of industrial solvent called trichloroethylene, or TCE, adheres to the granite bedrock and mixes with snow-fed groundwater. The TCE […]

Pollution Saga Hits Crucial Juncture Read More

Cleaning Polluted Ground Near Cheyenne Will Be Costly

Casper Star-TribuneBy Jared Miller CHEYENNE – Now that the federal government has all but taken responsibility for thousands of gallons of industrial solvent leaked into the ground near Cheyenne during the Cold War, the discussion has turned to cleanup. The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality will be pushing for an extensive cleanup of the trichloroethylene […]

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